Why Tamdongtam?

TDT Innovative Solutions JSC is not only a reputable technology unit but also has enthusiastic programmers, IT engineers, developers who always make every effort on our solutions and services

Introduction to Tamdongtam

“Providing innovative solutions to solve the social problems”

TDT Innovative Solutions JSC provide services from contract development to lab type development. We have an achievement of developing telecommunications and financial derivatives systems, smartphone applications for clients in Japan. In the offshore outsourcing business, we are developing various outsourcing services such as offshore system construction, operation monitoring, and business operation agent centering on our offshore development base.

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Providing innovative solutions to solve the social problems

Not following up the old way, the solution of Tam Dong Tam built and transferred to customers are based on the creation of staff, combined with the experience learned from market reality. We always think that only creative spirit creates breakthrough values ​​for customers

“Flat as much as possible, do it if it’s right”

Tam Dong Tam does not have the distinction of position, we team up together, promote maximum capacity and creative ability people our company. With dynamic open and modern working space Tam Dong Tam’s operating model continously changes in order to minimize as much as possible the troublesome and complicated principles to smoothly run and effectively operate.

“Community Based Solutions”

Not only advising customers on solutions to business processes but Tam Dong Tam also focuses on delivering the best solutions to solving social issues , especially in Medical field when creating our products

Inspiring the creation to realize the dreams

Most of us are familiar with the things arround us that we accept obviously. They narrow people’s thinking into arguments, and the old methods making us be inert and prevent new ideas. Don’t you forget that you all have the ability to be creative and Tam Dong Tam is the source of creative inspiration!

It does not matter who you are, where you are from, whatever you do, live with your passion, work hard, dedicate and never stop learning. WITH TAM DONG TAM, YOU DESERVE!

Our Services

With experiences in numerous fields such as AI, blockchain, offshore, especially developing applications and systems, we believe that collaboration with us is one of the best choices for you


We are dedicated to bring satisfaction and benefits to our customers, complete their IT projects by providing effective, innovative but affordable services, products and adaptive solutions through understanding, sharing and mastering technology.

English Learning App

– Backend Server: Django Python, PostgreSQL, Celery Task Queue, Redis
– Frontend: React Native (iOS / Android)
– Database: PostgreSQL Server

#ios #android #python #development

Mar / 2019


Medlink is an application that connect the pharmaceutical companies, drugstores and consumers which helps pharmacy companies reducing delivery cost of online transactions, managing transaction situations, sales data of area and increasing receipts.


Mar / 2018

Parking Direct
Web, App

– Backend Server: Django Python
– Frontend: Angular6
– Database: PostgreSQL Server


#ios #android #python #development

Apr / 2019

Android Labo

Android Labo is an outsource project that is Supply Labor service of TDT Innovative Solutions JSC to execute the following tasks related to Application on Android operating system of Nealle INC. This system is an investment application, which allows users to trade cryptocurrency in Japan.

Technical: Kotlin

#ios #android #python #development

June / 2018


– Backend Server: Django Python
– Frontend: Angular6
– Database: PostgreSQL Server

#ios #android #python #development

Aug / 2018

Nealle INC is a Japanese company with the mission are connecting the enterprises, business and developing transformation technology between Vietnam and Japan. Nealle has successfully collaborated with TDT in two projects and promised will continue cooperating in the future.

Parking Online

T.B.Tech Co., LTD has been in the IT field as the only software development company of the Tokyo Trading Group since its launch in 1986. T.B.Tech has been focusing on software and system development. T.B.Tech is as known as one of the most secure technology companies in Japan. However, TDT can still meet the strict requirements of T.B.Tech and has being implemented collaborating projects.

Medlink Investment JSC is a health technology start-up, connecting pharmaceutical companies, drug stores and consumers. Medlink helps reducing delivery cost, increasing receipts, managing situation of order and sale database.


Sao Thai Duong is one of the leading brands in Vietnam market for manufacturing and trading pharmaceutical cosmetics and functional foods of herbal origin with millions of customers and is one of the few Vietnamese pharmaceutical enterprises exported many products to foreign markets and well received in France, Germany, Australia, America, etc,. Sao Thai Duong has a sucessful project with TDT in health care is EzPharma – that is great management system for drug stores.

EZ Pharma

Toyota Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd (TMV) is an automobile Joint Ventures founded in Semtember, 1995. Being one of the first automobile Joint Ventures in Vietnam, Toyota Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd (TMV) never stops making efforts to be “Moving Forward” together with Vietnam. TMV and TDT Innovative Solutions JSC has cooperated in TMSS and TMV Export project which are management systems for TMV. Besides, TMV discussed with TDT about implementing these systems in mobile applications that promise a great future collaboration between two parties.

TMV Export

APEC Group is one of the most reputable companies in the investment and development of real estate in Vietnam, known as the biggest investor of resorts, urban areas, industrial areas in Vietnam. APEC and TDT collaborated as stakeholders in Fin-Tech field that is a new trend for technology and finance of various enterprises.


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