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Tam Dong Tam


Tam Dong Tam

Core value

Providing innovative solutions to solve the social problems

Not following up the old way, the solution of Tam Dong Tam built and transferred to customers are based on the creation of staff, combined with the experience learned from market reality. We always think that only creative spirit creates breakthrough values ​​for customers

Tam Dong Tam

What makes us distinctive ?

Tam Dong Tam set 3 basic principles to be different:

“Flat as much as possible, do it if it’s right”

Tam Dong Tam does not have the distinction of position, we team up together, promote maximum capacity and creative ability people our company. With dynamic open and modern working space Tam Dong Tam’s operating model continously changes in order to minimize as much as possible the troublesome and complicated principles to smoothly run and effectively operate.

“Community Based Solutions”

Not only advising customers on solutions to business processes but Tam Dong Tam also focuses on delivering the best solutions to solving social issues , especially in Medical field when creating our products

Inspiring the creation to realize the dreams

Most of us are familiar with the things arround us that we accept obviously. They narrow people’s thinking into arguments, and the old methods making us be inert and prevent new ideas. Don’t you forget that you all have the ability to be creative and Tam Dong Tam is the source of creative inspiration!

It does not matter who you are, where you are from, whatever you do, live with your passion, work hard, dedicate and never stop learning. WITH TAM DONG TAM, YOU DESERVE!

Tam Dong Tam

Meaning of the Logo

Tam Dong Tam’s logo is designed by the combination of blocks that carry the certain meaning’s. The IoT 4.0 icon is designed within the closed circle which symbolizes the spreading power of the technology to the community, along with the people work with their heart and together we build up the social connections, connect people, for the long term and sustainable development of the globe.


Company Infomations

Company name
Company name
Date of establishment
Date of establishment
R.305-306, 3th floor, 48B Keangnam Tower, Pham Hung Street, Nam Tu Liem District, Ha Noi, Viet Nam.
(024) 7308 0333
880.000 USD (Eight hundred and eighty thousands USD)
Legal representative
Legal representative
Mr.Nguyen Tuan Anh - Title: CEO
Number of employees
Number of employees
~ 85 employees (til 12/2018)

TAM DONG TAM – Global Innovative Solution!

Business Line

Smart medical ecosystem

With the increasing demand for quality healthcare services in the community, Tam Dong Tam with ECOMEDIC decided to build and develop an intelligent medical network, which connect patients with doctors in the fastest way with most accurate and reliable information. We believe Ecomedic will become the largest healthcare ecosystem in Vietnam for health care community.

IoT Startup Hub

Co-Working Space System

With the space of modern architecture, leading in inspiration of Vietnam, Tam Dong Tam is expected to step up for thousands of start-up projects in 4.0 revolution.


IoT, Blockchain, Big Data, AI Solution

Tam Dong Tam is one of the comprehensive solutions provider in deep technology: IoT, Blockchain, Big Data, AI. We have provided solutions for the prominent areas such as finance, healthcare, agriculture, …

Business consulting service

– Advice on setting up the fund
– Research and market analysis
– Incubator for start-up companies

Offshore Service

Tam Dong Tam’s board of directors all had a long time working and experienced in developing big projects in Japan, combined with the strength of high-quality staff, fluent in many programming languages, capable of communicating in English, Japanese.

Understanding the needs and desires of our customers, we are committed to providing Offshore services at the most attractive expense and high quality.

“Tam Dong Tam always think that every product of partners, we strive to research, build and complete as our own products to bring the highest surplus value ” – CEO Nguyen Tuan Anh.


Nguyen Minh Duc


Nguyen Tuan Anh


Vu Van Son

Deputy General Director

Our Team

Truong Quang Trung

Creative Director

Tran Ngoc Ha Nhu

Managing Director

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Huyen

Assistant Director

Nguyen Thieu My


Hoang Van Vuong

Project Manager

Lai The Anh

Project Manager

Pham Quynh Trang

Project Development Staff

Trinh Lan Anh


Ly Quang Sang

System Admin

Hoang Minh

Team leader

Cao Ngoc Uy

Sales team

Phan Xuan Thang

Project Manager

Nguyen Dinh Dai

Technical Leader

And you?

Ms Duong – Customer

I trust and satisfy with the Ecomedic service, that helps me save a lot of time for examination. In addition, Ecomedic also provides a lot of good health information.

Ms Trang – Director of Sao Thai Duong drugstore chain

We selected EZ Pharma drugstore management software, Ecomedic’s drugstore chain with useful features such as expiration alert, inventory warning, reporting system… extremly convenient, familiar, easy to use. This is definitely a effective tool for the drugstores

Ms Phuong – Partner

Tam Dong Tam is a reliable partner that helps us solve the business issues with smart technological solutions. Wish you develop more and more.

Tam Dong Tam

What you get when you join....?

A perfect workplace

  • Free to be creative and develop your ability
  • Being trained the professional skills
  • Being dedicated for the social greater good
  • Chance to be one of the company owners
  • Being companion and take care of your loved ones.

Gathered the young, familiar and talent people

  • There is no distance at work
  • Beautiful female colleagues, nice and friendship

Sports improve health

  • Regular sport activities : football, tennis, badminton…
  • Tournaments between businesses and organizations.

Not just the office

  • Co-Working space with amenities, facilities : Creative room, Reading Area, Bar…

Tam Dong Tam

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Partner and Customer