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Forex Solutions Service


Our mission is to inspire global traders with access to the world’s largest and most liquid market. By offering the most innovative trading tools, hiring the best trading educators, and meeting strict financial standards to protect trader funds, we alway for the best online trading Forex system for the market.

  •  We are committed to providing customers with Forex system the highest level of stability
  •  Flexible forex system, 24/7 support assures the business of the broker
  •  Absolute confidential data and backed up regularly
  •  We are committed to Forex solutions with the shortest, fastest and most economical time

Forex Solutions Service




The Quotes Checker plugin is intended to disable trading on a particular symbol if the market price had not been updated for a period of time.

This plugin is a good insurance against the technical failure of the server datafeed and prevent traders from taking advantages on stopped/stalled prices.


The plugin is used to transfer part of the credit funds to the trading account balance during trading. You can specify which part of funds will flow from the credit to the balance by the trading symbol name or security name.

In plugin settings you can set the minimum order lifetime, as well as the minimum number of points between the opening price and closing price of the order after which transfer of funds will be carried out from the credit to the balance.


The AntiScalper plugin is intended to employ an anti-scalping policy on a particular group of traders as to prevent them from closing orders within a specific time after opening.

This plugin will prevent traders from using expert advisors to make frequent trades within a small time frame.​


The plugin is designed to automatically change the account leverage, depending on the size of the balance in the account.

This plugin is useful in cases where it is needed to reduce risks and automatically send an trading account to the overlap at a certain level of the credit leverage, available from the counterparty.​

Forex Solutions Service


Complete System

Full system for your customers: MT4, Web rick app, Trader Room.
Full system for your broker: Cover API, risk management system, Back office system.

Low cost

We built up system for you as SaaS. We could reduce cost for you with perfect system, brings to your firm a full, stable, smart, safety system with lowest cost.


We has Operation Monitors team to help us follow system 24/7.
We has custom plugin to make sure quotes are always stable, warning system to know any troubles & can process few minutes.


Synchronous system. All modules connect tightly.


System was designed base on operation of real brokers in 4 years.
Many practical modules support for your operation easiest.
We provide a lot of payment methods system including Exchanger for your local business.


Get rates from multi LPs as request from Broker.
Make the most liquidity rates, many tools to check rates on MT4.
Strong accounting reports can re-consile and manage money flows efficiently. Sync orders of your customers with LPs.