Tam Dong Tam

Offshore development center

Tam Dong Tam Co., Ltd have a 24-hour operation and monitoring system, and provide an offshore development center service that can handle with Japanese. In the offshore outsourcing business, we are developing various outsourcing services such as offshore system construction, operation monitoring, and business operation agent centering on our offshore development base. Also is the strength that Bridge SE with a Japanese qualification of 2nd grade or higher is working with us, and of course it is capable of developing systems with a Japanese quality control system, as well as Japanese language ability.

Tam Dong Tam

Lab Development Overview

As a member with experience in developing software in many fields with Japan and taking advantage of Know-how, we specialize in providing offshore development services.

We are applying the methods which follow the standard of the Japanese businesses, in order to supply e-commerce trade developing services, mobile developments, software developments, maintain and support services, Data hosting & server services, etc. Tam Dong Tam’s engineers are trained with a lot of programming languages, directly communicating with Japanese customers, conducting and managing projects effectively without communicator.

When Japanese businesses want to exploit offshore development center in Vietnam, they always want to find the best quality service with reasonable price, so Tam Dong Tam Company will become the most rational choice.

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